A couple months back, we released our sophomore album 'PERSONA'. We are extremely thankful to everyone who has supported it, whether by playing it out, purchasing it, streaming it, etc. It's been amazing to see all the reception of the album, and now we would now like to open up the opportunity for you guys to remix 3 of our favorite songs from it.



1. Please choose one (1) song below to remix.

2. Click on the song name to download the song. (You may incorporate sounds from the other song stems if you wish, but we will not accept multiple submissions from one person for different songs.)

3. Import the stems into your DAW of choosing and create any style of remix. The more unique the better. (Note: No copywritten sounds or you will be disqualified)

4. Send us your remix at xandgremixes@gmail.com. Remix entries will be uploaded below under 'Submissions'.

5. Submit your song on or before December 22, 2017 at 12 PM MST. Winners will be announced January 2nd.


1st prize.png


First place winners will get an official release on the remix album, along with a copy of our album, both of our Sound Vault sample packs, and two (2) X&G stickers mailed.



Runners up will have their remixes shared on our social media platforms, and will also receive a copy of our album and one (1) Sound Vault sample pack of their choosing.



We will post your submissions here. So be sure to send it! ;-)